Disability Claim Lawyer Handling Insurance Cases

Disability Claim Lawyer Handling Insurance Cases

A disability is devastating. A denied disability claim is even more distressing. This is where a disability claim lawyer can step in to help. 


Insurance for When You Need it the Most


Most Canadians are overly optimistic about avoiding a disability. But in fact, it is estimated that one-in-seven Canadians are currently disabled and one-in-three working Canadians will experience a period of disability lasting longer than 90 days during their working lives.


Employers generally offer insurance packages with some type of disability compensation. Depending on the plan your employer offers, you may have short-term disability and long-term disability benefits. Insurance policies vary and there are several types of disability benefits plans and programs in Canada. But having disability insurance does not always mean you are completely covered.


Options When a Disability Claim is Denied


It can be very discouraging when turned down for disability benefits. Refusals are often a part of the process, and are not necessarily an indication of whether your claim for LTD benefits will ultimately be determined. There are a number of routes that you can take depending on your particular insurance policy.


Those routes can include appeals, mediation and suing the insurance company for benefits. It is important to contact a disability lawyer early on in the process so that you can understand exactly what your policy says and the manner in which you can fight a denial!


A disability claim lawyer will either charge on an hourly basis, or on a contingency fee basis – a percentage of the amount recovered. Many people prefer to hire a lawyer on a contingency basis, because there is no payment of legal fees unless and until there is recovery from the insurance company.


More Than Another File


If your claim was denied, a disability claim lawyer will evaluate whether or not the insurance company’s decision was appropriate. You have paid thousands of dollars in insurance premiums and a disability claim lawyer will work at getting the full benefits you are entitled to under your insurance policy.